The Company offer segregated stock market investment management services to both corporate and individual clients via the following types of accounts:

Discretionary Investment Management – SSI has the authority to make portfolio decisions without consulting the client. The management of the account is always in accordance with your documented investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Non-Discretionary Investment Management – SSI provides investment advice and recommendations based on clients’ investment objectives. For these accounts, trades are only executed in accordance with clients’ instructions.

Partial-Discretionary Investment Management – SSI has the authority to make some but not all portfolio decisions once they are within the parameters, decided by clientele. All trades outside of those parameters are dealt with on the same basis as a Non-Discretionary Account.

Types of Clients

Corporate Clients

The Company offer asset management and advisory services for pension funds, endowment funds, foundations, cooperatives, private companies and other types of investment portfolios.

Benefits to the Client

  • Focused investment management solutions tailored to the respective client portfolios;
  • Timely preparation and dissemination of accurate and meaningful reports;
  • Focused Equity and Market Research to fully support investment selections;
  • Regular meetings.

Individual Clients

The Company offer discretionary investment management services to retail clients and those who are interested in personalized investment management aimed at preserving and enhancing their asset base through the creation of superior investment returns.

Benefits to the Client

  • Personalized portfolio management by qualified and experienced licensed stockbrokers;
  • Improved portfolio performance;
  • Periodic reporting and updates on portfolio and macro and micro-economic environment;
  • Clients avoids the hassle of managing own portfolio.