Who Are We?

Securities Specialists, Inc. (SSI) opened its doors and incorporated with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on October 7, 1970, primarily to engage in the business of stock broker and dealer in securities including all transactions relating to the sale, transfer and exchange of equity securities.

The fundamental cornerstone of SSI is our pool of talented, experienced and motivated professionals, who deliver the firm's services based on wide-ranging education. Its core function is to present clients with credible, well-researched advice about the stock market and to execute trades with the highest integrity and efficiency. The firm and its stockbroker are accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Philippine Stock Exchange respectively.

The Company pride itself on encompassing personal touch with our clients, while keeping on committed to their investment goals and needs, through the provision of customized investment planning and valuable solutions. Thus, at Securities Specialists, Inc. the company is committed to constructive customer know-how.

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